We don't need another blog!

Rational Self: Really?  You're going to start a blog?  Aren't you 5+ years behind that trend?
Me: So what?  I've got important things to say.
Rational Self: Important?  Things that nobody else has already said 100 times before?
Me: Well, the other people saying them weren't me.
Yeah, I get it, the last thing the world needs is another technology blogger.  And Lord knows I don't really have the time to keep this up to date.  But I've got some ideas I want to get down on paper.  Ideas I find myself regularly regurgitating to people, and I think it'd be simpler to point them to a good write up of it.  And since "Writing is Thinking" it'll allow me to better coordinate my thoughts.

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Dmitry Savintsev said...

Hi Eric! I think the blogosphere will be a better place with you contributions, so please keep writing! :)

Anonymous said...

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amc stars said...

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Anonymous said...

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